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Don Carpenter

Don Carpenter was born in rural Oklahoma in 1927. He came to Oregon in 1948 looking for work and soon landed in the construction industry. He moved to Clackamas County in 1957 where he resided until his death in July 2014. He attended the fair yearly where his children grandchildren and great grandchildren all showed livestock and participated in the Rodeo. Don was an original member of the Rodeo Committee at Canby since its inception in 1992 until his passing. As a founding member Don helped build the Canby Rodeo into what it is today.

Don was raised in an environment where hard work and integrity were the only accepted policy. His father died when he was very young and coupled with the poor economic times the need to work and help support his mother and four siblings did not allow him to go much further than the 8th grade. Throughout his life he was a supporter of education but he also felt that education without a strong work ethic would not allow a person to reach their full potential. For this reason, this scholarship is not limited to just college but could include a trade school or other type of education to be determined by the scholarship committee that would help a person better their lives.

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