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Steer Wrestling

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This event is also known as Bulldogging. When the steer wrestler is ready, he calls for the steer and the chute man trips a lever, opening the doors. The suddenly freed steer breaks off and simultaneously releases the barrier for the steer wrestler. The steer wrestler attempts to catch up to the running steer, lean over the side of the horse which is running flat out, and grab the horns of the running steer. The steer wrestler then is pulled off his horse by the slowing steer and plants his heels into the dirt further slowing the steer and himself. He then takes one hand off the horns, reaches down and grabs the nose of the steer, pulling the steer off balance and ultimately throwing the steer to the ground. Once all four legs are off the ground, an official waves a flag marking the official end and a time is taken. The steer is released and trots off. Typical professional times will be in the range of 3.5 to 10 seconds from the gates opening to the waving of the flag.

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